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Elegant yet Raw Style for an Industrial + Historic Wedding

Cinderella-inspired dress in a dramatic + romantic atmosphere with soft hues for makeup.

Gather On Broadway has warmth and charm lying dormant in the heart of downtown Green Bay. This industrial event space has abundant historical features and creates the space to create your wedding fairytale.


Spring is the season of renewal, and with it comes a host of beautiful florals in vivid hues. This shoot styles a collection of swoon-worthy shades of blue, red, and pink. With the right hues and tones, you can have a magical wedding with lasting memories.

Photography by MORGAN HICKS

Vendor Credits:

Host: Out Of The Box Events
Photography: Morgan Hicks
Florals: Evoke Chancy Floral
Venue: Gather On Broadway
Hair: Brevity Bridal

Makeup: 715 Beautify

Dress: Out Of The Box Rentals


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