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Where to find wedding makeup inspiration

Wedding planning can be a full-time job. Finding the right vendor for you calls for a mini-celebration! But simply finding the perfect wedding vendor isn't the end of the road. Follow-up research occurs with certain services.

You want to have a perfect look on your special day for makeup. How do you find the right inspiration? How do you choose colors that suit you? This blog will walk you through three key tips of how and where to find inspiration so you can have a makeup look to reflect your inner beauty.

1. Step one is to solidify your everyday makeup look. Ask yourself, "how much time is spent daily on makeup?" Whether it's five minutes or two hours will show how bold your wedding day look should be. It's not recommended to try a brand new look on your wedding day. Sticking with what you are comfortable with and a little extra sparkle will help you feel like yourself.

2. After you have looked within, it's time to let your inner beauty shine! Taking your everyday makeup look and enhancing it is the best way to feel like "you" and have a flawless bridal look. For example, if your go-to eyeshadow look is a mixture of neutrals, consider darkening the shades to really make your eyes pop! Or keep the eyeshadow simple and opt for fuller false lashes for added dimension to the eyes! The options are endless. Consult with your makeup artist to see which enhancement s right for you!