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Eyelash Extension 101

5 things you need to know about eyelash extensions!

Welcome to 715 Beautify's Eyelash Extension Guide.

Have your heart set on trying eyelash extensions? Awesome! I have had eyelash extensions for over a year--and now I am adding extensions to my service menu! I was once in your shoes. I was bound and determined to love eyelash extensions and embrace the simple lifestyle. The truth is, you will need to adopt a new routine to maintain your lashes (fake and natural). There are new things to be cautious of or avoid entirely. Many aren't prepared for the lifestyle! I'm here to educate you on all the ins and outs of eyelash extensions to determine if they are a good fit for you.

Before you take the plunge and book your first full set appointment, here are some important points to note.

#1 - Say Goodbye To Mascara.

More times than I can count, I have been asked, "can I still wear mascara?" The answer is absolutely not. Waterproof mascara and any other oil-based mascara can break down the adhesive, shortening the longevity of your eyelash extensions. Secondly, the brush can tug on your lashes, resulting in damage, loosening, or removal. In fact, it is best to avoid oil-based makeup in general. Foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and other cosmetics, can have this same negative effect on eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions best suit a low-maintenance beauty routine. Less is more! If you love wearing full glam makeup, perhaps opt for a quality pair of strip lashes that can easily be removed. Avoiding makeup entirely may not be the best route, and you do not want to damage your lashes with cosmetics!

#2 - They Look A Little Silly After A While...

If you've seen me post about reminders for "fills," this tip is for you! It is highly recommended to book your lash fills every 2-3 weeks. As lashes fall out (and yes, they will fall out, we'll get to that later), they can look a little funny. Personally, my lashes get sparse on the outer portions of my eyes from sleeping on my side. Some clients experience sparse spots on the inner portion from rubbing their eyes. It all depends on your personal habits and the maintenance of your lashes.

Lash extensions are for you if you are comfortable with imperfection 40% of the time! I would not recommend lash extensions to perfectionists. Sometimes lashes get out of line, fall out, or overall don't meet your expectations. Don't hold your lash technician, lash extensions, or even yourself, to perfect high standards; you will end up disappointed.

"lash extensions can simplify your daily routine, but you must also simplify your daily routine for lash extensions."

Tip #3 - Lashes will fall out.

I frequently receive messages from panicked clients because lashes are falling out. Have no fear! There are many reasons lash extensions fall out. The most common cause is because eyelash extensions are connected to your natural lashes; they will fall out over time as your natural lashes replenish themselves. The lightweight and thinner extensions will last longer than the thicker and more durable ones. The Thinner ones are easier to maintain with your eyelashes.

Also, failure to make alterations to your routine will result in lashes falling out. One example mentioned previously was mascara. These suggestions are to benefit YOU and your lashes lifeline! Ignoring essential tips will shorten the life of your lashes and result in sparseness.

Lastly, lashes can also fall off because, well, they're fake! They are not meant to last forever. The most important thing is to be comfortable with yourself; your lashes will not always look perfect.

Commit to the lifestyle! Adjust your daily habits for the benefit of your lashes. Avoid oil-based products, minimize water time (swimming, showering, washing your face, etc.), and the schedule fills as you see fit. Lash extensions are very similar to fake nails. They grow out, get chipped, or fall off! When that happens, it's time to see the nail tech. If you want full and perfect lashes, maybe schedule weekly fills. If you are a last-minute type of gal and embrace that, three-week fills are probably more your style!

Tip #4 - Be Prepared For The Financial Impact!

Services from a quality lash artist are not cheap. Be wary of "inexpensive" services. Typical full sets cost anywhere from $80 to $250. The maintenance of lashes also requires financial responsibility. Regular fills can cost a penny that adds up quickly with your other monthly expenses. Make sure lash extensions can fit into your budget!

Tip #5 - Keep an open mind!

I try to remind all my clients that eyelash extensions are not tattoos. They are not permanent! If you don't absolutely love them, allow them to fall out naturally or schedule a lash removal. Give yourself, and your lash take grace!

Ready to take the plunge and simplify your beauty routine?

Now that you understand the maintenance of having eyelash extensions, are you ready to try them out? Book now and receive 10% off your full set! Mention this blog to me at checkout for the discount!


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