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How I Got Into The Wedding Industry

When I first started doing makeup, I worked exclusively with clients for high school proms and homecomings (because I was so young). It was great as a side gig but wasn't sustainable as a full-time job due to the events only occurring seasonally. After four years, I wanted to branch out into weddings, but I had no idea how to. Cue #COVID-19. So many weddings were being altered almost as rapidly as the virus spread.

Simply put, the opportunity to do wedding makeup fell into my lap. I received numerous inquiries from frantic brides asking if I was available for makeup because their original beauty professional canceled their commitment due to the pandemic. As scary as it was at the time, I took my opportunity. Since then, my business has truly boomed and has made the switch to full-time employment for me, exclusive with wedding makeup. I have genuinely found my niche in the wedding industry.

There is something so sweet and fulfilling about being a part of such joyous memories and making women feel beautiful on one of the happiest days of their lives.

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