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Wedding day morning walkthrough

The long-awaited day is finally here! now what?

This blog will walk you through what to expect for your wedding morning routine.

Your first and most important part of the morning routine should be FOOD. Don’t forget to eat breakfast! Many brides are too stressed, busy, nervous, etc., to eat enough on their wedding day. Use this morning time to fill up on some toast, fresh fruit, granola, and other snacks to stay nourished. Speaking of nourishment, don’t forget to stay hydrated. It’s super temping to dive straight into the mimosas but you will most likely have a full day of fun cocktails. Try skipping a round and substitute water with your breakfast. You’ll need the hydration to prepare for the festivities and it will keep your skin glowing.

After your bridal party has finished their delicious breakfast, hydrated with water, and finally popped the bubbly for mimosas it’s time for your makeup artist to get to work! Whoever goes first is up to the bride. Sometimes the bride prefers to be first so they can relax and other times they would like to go last so they can finish up other tasks—it’s personal preference! Communicate your ideal situation with your makeup artist so that they can cater to your needs.

Every makeup artist has a different order of how they apply products. However, no matter which steps they chose, lipstick should always go on last!

Once your bridal look is complete, your makeup artist will give one last look through to make sure everyone is looking beautiful! Don’t be afraid to speak up if you need anything fixed or changed—that’s what your makeup artist is there for!

Mackenzie from 715 Beautify is happy to customize the process, cater to your specific needs, and help make your morning go smoothly. Inquire about your wedding date today!


Photography is done by Danielle Kristine.


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