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Why Should You Hire a Licensed Professional

instead of a "makeup enthusiast."

This particular blog post may seem like a "hot take" to some, but I feel it is necessary information to share. It is so hard to find trustworthy wedding vendors, and I have heard too many scary stories not to share my expertise. All brides want their weddings to go smoothly and beautifully. Here is why you should only book licensed professionals instead of "enthusiasts" (aka amateurs...sorry)


Beauticians who are licensed go that extra mile to get a quality education. Non-licensed people are likely still talented but don't hold that same level of credibility. You must review a candidate's credentials before hiring, like a job interview. Where did they go to school? What licenses and certifications do they have? What sets them apart? Having a state license in the beauty industry checks all these boxes.


Part of the state-mandated curriculum is sanitation procedures. Your friend might love shopping at Sephora and does their makeup flawlessly, but are they following the necessary steps to ensure cleanliness when applying makeup to other people? Sharing the same products and tools without proper sanitation is a surefire way to get an infection or other transmitted diseases, which is not exactly what you don't do on your wedding day! Professionals know all the necessary ways to keep you safe while ensuring your makeup looks flawless.


Beauty school is much harder than one would think. There's a certain stigma around it, but truthfully, students work so hard to achieve their dreams. With that hard work comes a boatload of experience. Most beauty schools require that a quota be met for each service. This means you must repeat the same service for ample time before the instructor allows you to complete the program. That's a lot of experience! That doesn't even include the time spent outside the classroom practicing or freelancing. Professionals dedicate so much time to perfecting their craft.

All in all, your wedding day is about you and what you are comfortable doing. Make decisions that feel right in your heart. Just a pice of advice... stick to the pros to make your day effortlessly perfect. Stress the day of is ultimately inevitable. Why add more anxiety? Professionals do this as their livelihood. Trust that they know what's best for you to make you feel like your most beautiful self!


Are you in the market for a professional makeup artist? Look no further! Mackenzie at 715 Beautify is a Wisconsin Licensed Esthetician with seven years of experience as a makeup artist. Click here to inquire about your wedding day!


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